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Greetings families!

Last week we visited a local vernal pool, where we saw LOTS of eggs! These eggs came from species that rely on vernal pools for their life cycles, like spotted salamanders and wood frogs. We saw many distinct clumps of spotted salamander eggs and masses upon masses of wood frog eggs. When we returned to the site this past Monday, we couldn’t see the wood frog eggs, but we did see masses upon masses of tadpoles! So, this morning we talked about the life cycle of frogs and their amazing metamorphosis! Here is a time-lapsed video of the amazing transformation of a tadpole to a frog.

We also talked about one of the frog’s superpowers — its tongue! A frog’s tongue is an awesome weapon thanks to a soft touch and some magic saliva! Here’s a video (which you will want to watch over and over because you’re in such awe of this superpower):

We tried to visit the vernal pool with all the tadpoles today, but, alas, there were lots of school groups out learning about vernal pools, and we decided it was best not to interfere in their learning! The students were disappointed, but they were consoled by fascinating downed trees and rotting logs bursting with life!

Looking forward to our next adventure,

The Nature School Educators!

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