Lisa’s Ideas and Activities

Dear Families,

While you are home during these next few weeks, and balancing both work and children, here are a few tips and ideas that will help everyone set up a positive and fun routine J

First, set up a schedule that is familiar to their everyday school day.  After breakfast and clean up, to start their day with the following workouts:

  • ABC Yoga (Yoga in the form of the alphabet in a YouTube video)
  • Shape Song (learning and singing the shapes)
  • Dance and Freeze (Great listening song)
  • Bear Hunt (Great way to understand up, down, over, through) 
  • Jack Hartman letters, rhyming, letter sounds (fun moving, stretching, whole body learning)
  • Yoga poses such as tree, downward dog, elephant, monkey, or make up their own poses for fun.
  • Get plenty of outdoor free exploring and discovering time – let them take you for a walk.

Independent Activities:

  • Having the children create an activity bin or box by collecting favorite toys or books around the home such as 50 Legos, paper and crayons, stencils, stamps, and/or stickers.  When adults need to work, it’s time for them to get their activity box out and do their own independent work. Using a timer is helpful to allowing children to understand when they can join you again.
  • Get a clipboard and paper and pencil.  Go on a scavenger hunt to find shapes, numbers, letters, and/or words inside or outside.
  • Do the same outside as a nature hunt.
  • Make a story book by stapling pieces of paper together – have children draw their story and when you come back together you can scribe their words.
  • Using a chalkboard, water and paintbrush, have fun creating a picture you can wash away.
  • Listening to online stories and then have children draw their favorite part of the story.

We will continue to reach out to the families and keep that home/school connection going.

Lisa C., Lead Teacher, Cooperative Nature School