What are the benefits of a nature-based education?Child-driven, open-ended explorations in nature, allow children to create play and strengthen their executive planning skills: thinking of ideas, planning for and developing the resources needed to succeed.

Children’s wonderfully open minds interact with the natural world and all its diverse elements. A single pinecone can create a myriad of questions and explorations: Where did it come from? What is a pinecone for? Who would eat it or use it? Why is it designed the way it is? How do other trees seed themselves? These child-created questions lead to other topics in our world fascinating the children who are asking about them.

Nature preschoolers get more direct contact with the outdoors than they will have in the rest of their formal schooling. 

Nature also feeds the heart as well as the brain. Children learn social emotional skills such as resilience and independence, along with math, science, art and literacy.

Early education in nature has been shown to have a lasting positive impact on children’s attitudes about our natural world. 

Cooperative schools generate strong parental involvement in the child’s education and care as well as in the environmental community the family participates in.  

Nature preschools offer the idea that we are a part of a larger community of humans, birds, plants, animals and soil. Children learn to understand and respect their place alongside the other living things in our world. 

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