The Cooperative Nature School is a child-driven, outdoor-oriented learning environment that cultivates exploration, compassion and community.


The Cooperative Nature School at The Trustees Moose Hill Farm aims for its children to become curious, thoughtful, active learners who love the outdoors and who believe in celebrating and protecting it. By partnering with families, the school creates a strong community that transcends the preschool years and protects the distinct character of our communities by inspiring a commitment to environmental education.

Goals for children

The school seeks to:

  1. Infuse children with a desire to discover, explore and learn about our world.
  2. Help develop the world of the child (in all domains – cognitive, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic, and spiritual) and the development of an ecological identity or environmental ethic.
  3. Help children develop self-efficacy skills with opportunities to discover their personal strengths.
  4. Help develop foundational skills including large and fine motor skills, self-regulation, learning to follow directions, and learning how to think through problems.
  5. Develop the ability for children to advocate only not for their own needs and interests but also those of their community.

Goals for families

The school seeks to:

  1. Cultivate a network of families, creating a community linked by friendship, respect and children through participation and family events.
  2. Learn about and share the irreplaceable natural and cultural treasures we care for.
  3. Partner with families to collaborate with people and partners all across the Commonwealth to preserve the quality of life in our communities and with it, the special places that make this the place we want to call home

How to reach us: ‭(781) 806-6156 ext. 7‬ or