The Summer Program

The Summer Program follows much of the same schedule as the School Year program. The hours and routine are the same as are the expectations for children being outside at least 50% of the day. We often eat snacks and lunches outside and the property allows for many shaded spaces to protect us from the summer sunshine. 
Enrollment is separate from the School Year program and we welcome children other programs to join our current students who stay for the summer. 

 Curriculum Philosophy

The Cooperative at Moose Hill Farm believes in the benefits of child-centered, nature-based learning. Through effective observation strategies and through questions children present, teachers come to understand the unique characteristics each child brings. We believe that a child’s interest, strengths and needs drive learning in the domain areas of language, mathematics, arts, science and technology, social studies, fine and gross motor skill, and social emotional growth. The curriculum philosophy is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Pre-Kindergarten to Twelve. The developmentally based and child directed curriculum is fluid and dynamic.

The critical role of the environment is also very important. Educators facilitate outdoor experiences along with open-ended activities in a project approach. Documentation through examples of children’s work hung around halls and classrooms and daily blog posts to families full of pictures serve to make learning visible, spark discussion, extend ideas and further learning into the home and beyond.

How to reach us: ‭(781) 806-6156‬ ext. 7 or