The Cooperative Nature School is part of the Cooperative Learning Community, which also includes the Sharon Cooperative School.

The Cooperative Nature School was founded in 2018 under the leadership of former Sharon Coop School Director Abigail Marsters. The school is the embodiment of Abigail's vision of an outdoor learning environment in which children would develop deep connections to -and knowledge of - the natural world with the goal of fostering the next generation of environmental stewards. Working in partnership with the Trustees of the Reservation, the historic main house of the Moose Hill Farm was transformed into classrooms whose loveliness mirrors that of its natural surroundings. Although Abigail stepped down as Executive Director in 2021, her vision has only strengthened and deepened as has the mission of the school: to teach children to become curious, thoughtful, active learners who love the outdoors and believe in celebrating and protecting it.

Together the Cooperative Nature School and the Sharon Cooperative School form the Cooperative Learning Community. Both schools are governed by a single Board of Directors and the Executive Director, Gail Ader.

Our Vision

The Cooperative Learning Community aims for its children to become curious, thoughtful and active learners who think about the needs of others. By partnering with families, the school creates a strong community that transcends the preschool years and follows students and their families throughout the course of their lives.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit, early childhood organization that serves preschool children and families in two locations: the Sharon Cooperative School and the Cooperative Nature School; together these schools form the Cooperative Learning Community. We offer full time programming in unique environments that encourage child-driven experiences, growth and love of learning and community.