About Moose Hill Farm

Moose Hill Farm is a culturally significant local landscape. Its 347 acres are a significant part of a large 2800-acre, regionally important block of conservation land that is owned and managed by the The Trustees and the Town of Sharon. Moose Hill Farm supports at least nine functioning vernal pools, three rare plant species, five rare wildlife species, and a population of one state-listed endangered plant. It also supports four early successional community types that are in decline regionally and a large, diverse wetland system. The property maintains six buildings and a number of support structures varying in size and construction type. These buildings include Main House, Doll House or Studio, Chauffeur’s Cottage, Gardener’s House, two rental houses, Workshop – consisting of two large garage structures, Barn Buildings, Utility Structures – providing the entrance for underground electric service and the emergency propane fired generator, and Fire Tower. The landscape has been an agricultural site since the 1600s.

Moose hill farm trail map

About The Trustees

The Trustees of the Reservation protects the distinct character of our communities and inspire a commitment to our special places. Our passion is to share with everyone the irreplaceable natural and cultural treasures we care for. Trustees members are neighbors, landowners, and community members in more than 70 cities and towns in Massachusetts. We collaborate with people and partners all across the Commonwealth to preserve the quality of life in our communities and with it, the special places that make this the place we want to call home. We are committed to inspiring the next generation to care and value our natural world.

The Trustees has been a catalyst for important ideas, endeavors, and progress in Massachusetts for more than 126 years. And all families enrolled in the school year program receive a one-year family membership to the Trustees giving them access to 50,000 acres, including 26,000+ acres on 116 reservations that are all open to the public.

Mission Statement of The Trustees

The mission of the Trustees is to preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts. The organization encompasses more than 100,000 people who love the outdoors, who love the distinctive charms of New England, and who believe in celebrating and protecting them, for everyone, forever.