Read what parents have to say about their experience at the Nature School

I love how the children are encouraged to develop their independence, resilience, imagination and all the while building strong friendships.

- Nature School Parent, 2022

Nature School Parents 2022

I appreciate the focus on social connection & relationships and play-based philosophies

I appreciate the honesty and openness about areas to work on at home and what challenging behavior they see at school.

Enthusiasm for learning about nature and the world around us, caring and patient teachers, emphasis on children’s social and emotional development.

The teachers in the entire community are so thoughtful and caring! They always go above and beyond to make sure kids are advocating for themselves and exploring.

My child’s teachers are simply excellent. Their level of knowledge and experience shines through just as much as their flexibility and thoughtfulness surrounding every situation.

The teachers are excellent – they clearly care for the children and have created an environment that is conducive to learning.

Keep up the amazing work!

Nature School Parents 2021

I appreciate so much the passion and curiosity that the teachers and staff impart on the kids and the fact that my child comes home every day with a new fact about nature to share, and most of the time it is new information for me, too!

We like the emphasis on exploring and learning about nature, the exceptional teaching staff and the focus on developing independence and resilience.

The teachers are so caring and teach the children not only lessons and academics but more importantly, values and how to be a kind, good person.

Our child really seemed to come out of her shell this year and we feel the nature school and the staff has a huge role in that. Her curiosity and independence, especially, have been large areas of growth.

The children are being taught using real, scientific language and taught about the scientific process.