A summary of the results from our annual family survey

Thank you all who completed our annual family survey. We had slightly over 30% of families respond. A representative sampling of comments and suggestions can be found after the last chart.

We were pleased by the high level of satisfaction reflected in the charts and the overwhelmingly positive feedback around communication, teachers and the school environment.

As for suggestions, many families would like to see us bring back more family events and special programing. We hear you! We have planned a few special programs this summer and hope to do more family events as COVID conditions allow. We know many of you appreciated the music and Spanish language specialists we had pre-COVID and we will be looking into that possibility for next year.

desire to learn
caring teachers
qualified teachers
parent participation

What families like most about the program:

"A good balance of structure and freedom".

"The teachers. They’re great".

"Timely communication and respect of families’ opinions"

"The quality of teachers; their dedication, care, nurturing, and understanding of child development is unparalleled".

"Structure. Varied learning topics. Independence building"

"Nature play-based learning"

"The focus on social connection & relationships and play-based philosophies"

"Enthusiasm for learning about nature and the world around us, caring and patient teachers, emphasis on children’s social and emotional development"

"The overall positive climate and seeing all the children happy and interacting"

Feedback about communication

"Communicating with teachers and staff is easy and always constructive and pleasant".

"The school does a wonderful job communicating proactively, frequently, and transparently with parents".

"Parent square App is convenient and helpful".

"The level of communication is great! We appreciate daily interaction, the ability to send messages through Parent Square (with prompt responses) and periodic conferences".

"I appreciate the honesty and openness about areas to work on at home and what challenging behavior they see at school"

"The Site Coordinator is always around and available to chat with us at any time. In the beginning of the year I was a little uneasy about how my child was adjusting and she took the time to set up a meeting with me".

Feedback about the teachers

"The teachers are excellent – they clearly care for the children and have created an environment that is conducive to learning".

"I love that they’re still incorporating new ideas compared to when our oldest went there— they’re always evolving their craft and making changes based on what kids they have in front of them".

"Teachers are always willing and able to talk to us when we ask any questions".

"I feel my child’s teachers have done fabulously. The kids have had so much fun while learning so many things. They are very supportive to the parents, and have been very helpful to me in particular with my questions and concerns".

"The teachers, every one we’ve had, create a warm and caring space".


"I would like more family events. We miss being able to see how our child acts with their classmates. Maybe an adult only event so we can meet more of the parents"

"Mainly I would encourage the kids to go out as much as possible, even in less than ideal weather. I know it's not the nature school, it days with light most or drizzle or wind are still OK for kids,"

"I know covid changed a lot of things, but I loved the weekly Spanish song and movement sessions we used to have".

"Hoping families can be more involved as covid restrictions ease. Teachers have been creative getting us involved as much as possible outside".

"Longer hours, 7:14-5:45"