• This school is the collaborative creation of two vibrant and exciting organizations who hold similar passion for and commitment to outdoor education. This program develops spirit and soul and teaches children to move outward and sideways and not just forward
  • This school is a safe, nurturing place that encourages individual growth through exploration and creative expression. Learning is made fun and independence is fostered though the focus on awareness of the needs of others and encouragement of individuality. Children are given many opportunities to explore, discover, create, play, exercise, and socialize in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • The school is small enough that all the educators know all students. It truly feels like a community. All educators are clearly committed to the school and it shows in the way they treat children and families as partners and with respect and care.

Outside Explorations and Activities

  • Experience child-driven and open-ended learning in an outdoor environment and become curious, thoughtful, active learners who love the outdoors and who believe in celebrating and protecting it.
  • Develop their world in all domains – cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and aesthetic along with developing an ecological identity and environmental ethic.
  • Experience hands-on activities, creating a kitchen garden, managing a composting site, helping keep trails clear and accessible, instilling a stewardship of the land.