Here at the Sharon Learning Communities, it fills our heart whenever we hear the love and support from our parents and families.

Dear Abigail and Teachers,

I picked up our daughter today from the last day at Nature School and I had tears in my eyes. I could barely say “Thank you” thinking this is it. The end of perhaps the best school that she will ever have.

Your dedication to the children and love for the natural world that you impress upon them daily is paramount. You are fantastic teachers and very caring individuals. We always felt welcomed and super safe. Even in the times of coronavirus, this was a super safe experience for our daughter and all the children. Thanks to your preparedness, rules, and vigilance.

Our daughter is leaving as forever changed human being. I know this, because I have two older boys who did not go to the Nature School. She walks outdoors and feels at home. Readily detaches from us to pick a special rock or explore a plant. She is so observant and so intellectually curious about anything around her. She also surprises us with her knowledge of the local insects and plants and her ability to call on resources to figure out, if she does not know something.

She also deeply loves nature. The other day we were in Maine on vacation, she walked to the window and looked for a while outside and then she said: “Mommy, nature is so beautiful.” She said these words with thoughtfulness and deep appreciation unparalleled in many adults. The view was nice, but for her to understand it at age 5 so deeply … and that is just one of many many interactions with a Nature School child.
We also observe how independent our daughter is and how easily she can for example dress herself up in layers especially in winter. She is so in touch with what to wear during any weather, that when the other day her Dad was asking what should her brother wear, it was she who brought the appropriate clothes for her older brother to her dad. ,)

We will be forever grateful. Thank you, our beloved Nature School.

We loved the whole concept of the outdoor school in nature. When I was picking her up, sometimes I found the children running around with butterfly nets on the big grassy area around the school. It looked like a moment from a perfect childhood. These are the images the advertisers long for to sell their products. But for us this was the real school our daughter was part of. The preschool that allowed the children to be children, to play, to make friends, learn all the skills they need to succeed and to become the stewards of the Earth.