As we reach the anniversary of the global pandemic, we as a Board have been reflecting on this past year and how we’ve joined together as a Community to face the many different challenges that have arisen. We’re proud of the commitment, resilience, support and inclusion we continue to see and experience from our teachers and families this past year.

Outside of the classrooms, however, we remain extremely saddened by continued displays of intolerance. Most recently, the increase of hate crimes against Asian Americans, which is absolutely abhorrent. There is no place in society for bigotry or racism of any kind and we are truly long overdue for a reckoning on issues of racial justice.

Our community is steadfastly committed to embracing diversity in all its many forms. When we talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion, we dedicate ourselves not just to acceptance and tolerance, but to building a culture where every person feels a deep, real, and abiding sense of belonging and value. We seek to listen, to learn, to understand, to teach and to act.

Our thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathies are with those affected by these recent tragedies. As you seek to heal, know that the Sharon Cooperative School Community stands with you.


Kate Worrall, T.J. Freedman, Dana Pratt, Jess Foster, Meghan Graham, Ilana Gotlib, Amit Desai, Srivi Radhakrishnan, Jen Lewis, Matt Cohen, Bob Tobio, Colby Chevalier, Abigail Marsters